Thursday, May 5, 2011

You Are a Hottie

This is to all the women out there and husbands you need to pay attention too.  Mothers Day is fast approaching us; it is a day that those we love pay tribute to us and let us know how much they love us.  Why is it then that we don't seem to love ourselves that much?  Why do we always put ourselves down and not pick ourselves up?  Why are we always the hardest on ourselves?  My husband just told me today "your a hottie" I looked at him with a little unbelief, but said thank you.  All I could think of when he said that was that I worked out today, but as I worked out I looked at myself in the mirror and all I could see is what I didn't like about myself.  We are so hard on ourselves.  You need to love yourself and pat yourself on the back for each accomplishment you achieve. You need to believe you are a hottie.  Just because you are not a size 0, doesn't mean that you aren't super sexy and amazingly beautiful.  Love yourself, you are a hottie.  For all the husbands, tell your wife she is beautiful and make sure you are sincere, make sure she knows that you only have eyes for her and that she is your hottie.

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