Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mothers Day Ahead

This is for you, our dear sweet husbands and fathers, Mothers Day is on Sunday.  I am giving you a "heads up" so you can't say "oops, I forgot."  Believe it or not, you need to remember Mothers Day like you remember your anniversary, her birthday, and Christmas.  Some husbands struggle with remembering these important dates (generally not Christmas).  When you remember these dates, it shows her that you are thinking of her, that she is on your mind, and that those days are important to you too.  For Mothers Day you don't have to go get some expensive gift, just do something to show her how much you love her.  Some suggestions might be: a poem, a homemade card, a letter, a foot massage, a back massage, breakfast in bed, a bubble bath with no children disturbing her, her favorite candy, her favorite flower, etc.  There is a lot you can do, so think now and be creative.  I remember one Mothers Day when I asked my husband that all I wanted was not to change a diaper for the day, what a great present that was for me at that time.  Let her know she is a great wife/mother, and if she is not a mother yet, still recognize her for being your great wife.  One day she will be the mother of your children and recognizing her for Mothers Day lets her know you look forward to having children together. So to the sweet men out there, here's your reminder, Mothers Day Ahead!

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