Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Keys to Forgiveness #3

3.  Remember all the good things about your spouse.  The positive will always outweigh the negative.

I have talked many times about always seeing the positive in your spouse and saying the positive things about your spouse.  If you look for the negative you will see it, if you look for the positive you will see it.  When you are having a hard time forgiving your spouse for an offense, it is worth taking the time to write down all the good things you see in them and all the good things other see in them.  As you look at the list regularly it will help to reaffirm to you that forgiveness to them is worth it.  You will see they have much value and merit and that your marriage is worth it.  Sometimes we need to see our spouses through the rainbow spectacles of Pollyanna, where all you see is good, because seeing the good will help us get past seeing the bad only.

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