Monday, May 30, 2011

Keys to Fairness in Marriage #1 out of 4

1.  Set your heart on giving to your spouse.

Healthy marriage are all about giving and taking equally on both sides.  I have seen too many marriages where all the person seems to care about is what they want.  They don't seem to realize if you love your spouse you will want to give to them and do things for them and that its not just about your spouse giving to you, you taking and never giving anything back.  Also do not give to your spouse to want something back, that is not healthy either.  A true relationship will give on both sides and take on both sides because you care and love each other.  You like to give to your spouse because it makes them happy and it also makes you happy by doing it.  So is your relationship a give only?  A take only?  Or do you both give and take equally?

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