Saturday, March 3, 2012

Go Out of Your Way

I know a couple who have had some hard times in their marriage lately.  They have been negative toward each other, unkind and sometimes very harsh towards each other.  A funny thing happened recently.  One of them when out of their way for the other one and did something very nice, kind and thoughtful.  The suprise took thought and effort, but they did it anyway.  The interesting thing is, when I last talked to them, not one unkind word came out of either's mouth, what a pleasant suprise for some thought and effort. 
If you and your spouse are having hard times, go out of your way for them.  Think of something they need, love, or enjoy doing and go out of your way and make sure it happens.  The effort will be well worth it because you took the time out of your daily schedule to do something for them, that is showing them that you truly care.  Give your marriage a chance, do something good today and go our of the way for them.