Friday, May 20, 2011


One of the biggest factors there can be to an unhappy marriage is depression.  It can hit the husband or wife, and there are many reasons it can happen:  job loss, change, self-esteem issues, financial issues, etc.  For whatever the reason, it can hit you and you need to be watchful of it, because it can do major damage to yourself and your marriage.  After we had one of our children, we were told to be watchful of the baby blues, but I kind of brushed it aside.  A few months later, I realized I was having major problems and a lot of unhappiness, I was becoming a beast and I truly started believing my husband and kids would be better off without me.  Fortunately for me, no method of suicide held an appeal, I thought maybe taking too many pills would be good (but I had no way to get them) but after talking to my dad about it he made me realize it would be horrible, because your body tries to reject the pills and you end up throwing up over and over and if a person succeeds this way it is because they died of not being able to breathe while throwing up, it is not pretty and very ugly.  If you ever get to the point where you are thinking that the ones you love the most would be better off without you, seek help immediately.  A trained professional can help you see through the dark, do not worry the cost, your life is more important, and I can GUARANTEE you, your loved ones will NOT be better off without you.  Fortunatley for my depression I finally talked to my husband and we pinpointed my problem and we set goals and ways to help me get out of it.  My husband was a crucial part of helping me ge through it, because I needed his constant encouragement and I needed him to constantly build me up and tell me I was beautiful and important to my family.  The next time we had a baby, we very careful kept an eye out for any baby blues.

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