Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Hum Drums

As years progress in your marriage and you get beyond the "Honeymoon Phase" you start to realize there are times when the Hum Drums enter.  What are the Hum Drums?  It is when you are just existing in your marriage and you are not progressing forward.  It is when you get so complacent in your marriage that you feel everything is predictable and the excitement is gone.  You just exist from day to day without much thought of ways to make your marriage great.  We all get this, we get caught up in kids, school, work, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.  My point is for you to realize when it is happening and stir things up a bit.  Do something unpredictable for your spouse, be spontaneous, go grab a picnic lunch and take them hiking somewhere, go out on the trampoline on a warm summer night and watch a movie on a laptop, bring in their favorite dessert and once the kids are asleep bring it out and play a boardgame together, as soon as your spouse gets home from work go grab some fries and an ice cream, have a water fight (in the house is fun, but you do have to clean it up), grab your bikes and bike to Maverik for a soda, go to a playground and swing and talk, put on your favorite music and dance (even when the kids are awake they love to dance and it is good for them to see the two of you dance together), etc.  The point is, stir things up, do things different, be unpredictable, don't just let the hum drums get you and you do nothing about them, that is when you need to do the most about them.

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