Monday, May 9, 2011

Keys to Forgiveness #1 out of 6

1.  See the situation from your spouse's point of view.

Forgiveness is essential in a marriage, I mean lets be honest, there are many things that go on that one or the other is asking for forgiveness.  The great thing about this life is we are not perfect and we have to constantly try to work out the kinks we have in ourselves.  We all mess up, we all make mistakes.  We say things we shouldn't when we are tired or frustrated.  Therefore forgiveness is an essential key to a successful marriage.  When we are having problems in are marriage, or having an argument, take the time to stop and think about it from your spouses point of view.  Find out if they are tired, did they have a bad day at work, etc these are things that will spark arguments in a marriage.  What if the spouse has done something very bad, ie, had an affair, views pornography, lost a lot of money without telling you, lies to you, drinks in secret (in other words, things that they specifically hide from you because they don't want you to find out because they know it will cause terrible problems in your marriage).  If this happens, you will need counseling for a lot of these things, but one of the first steps will be to see it through their eyes as to why they did it.  It will help you begin to understand why, it doesn't mean that it will be easier to forgive them, but it does help you get a better prospective on the situation.  Whatever the reason for forgiveness stop and see it from your spouse's point of view so you can start taking steps to forgive them.

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