Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are you a Receiving Gifts Person

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you are a receving gifts person:

-My spouses praise means a lot to me or I like it when he/she give me a gift I really like?
-I can count on my spouse to help out in the home or I love opening a gift from him/her?
-I love it when my spouse hugs me or I like it when he/she surprise me with a gift?
-Spending time with my spouse makes me happy or even the smallest gift from my spouse is important to me?
-I never get tired of my spouse praising me or I look forward to what he/she will give me for my birthday?
-My spouse doesn't interrupt me when I talk or I never tire of receiving gifts from my spouse?

These will give you an idea to determine if your love language is Receiving Gifts.  Just remember if you have a spouse who's love language is Receiving Gifts, the thought counts a lot, they want to be thought of as you make a considerate purchase, or as you make them something.

**On a personal note, I am having a hard time keeping this up for the summer, it just seems like things are chaotic, so I will start back up in mid August (once the kids are in school and my schedule is back to semi-normal) with the last two love languages.  I appreciate everyone's kind words and encouragment for my blog, this has been one of the hardest things I have done, but when even one person tells me they appreciate it, it makes it worthwhile.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How To: Receiving Gifts

Here are some suggestions for you if your spouse's love language is Receiving Gifts:

-Give your spouse a gift in the morning, ie, their favorite candy, send them a gift in the afternoon, ie, balloons or flowers, and bring them a gift home in the evening, ie, a favorite shirt or book
-Give them one gift a day for a week
-When you are out walking around, look around you, do you see a beautiful flower you could bring home for your spouse, or do you see a great walking stick they may enjoy
-Make a handmade gift for your spouse.  What if you feel you are not good at making anything?  Then take a class on how to make something your spouse would enjoy, they will treasure the gift for a long time because you made it
-Keep a notebook or on your cell phone make a list of gift ideas.  Everytime your spouse says "I would like that", write it down, then you will always have ideas of things they like
-If you still don't have ideas what to get your spouse, ask a friend or a family member who knows them well
-Offer the gift of self, tell them you will be there for an event they have that month.  Even if it is not something you will enjoy, enjoy it because you are giving them the gift of self and it fills their love tank
-Give them a book and read it yourself so you have something you can discuss together.  You can even rotate books on topics of things you are both interested in
-Give to your spouse's favorite charity in honor of them and ask the charity to send a card informing your spouse of what you have done
-Give a living gift, ie, a tree or flowering shrub.  Go help your spouse plant it, it will be a gift that last a long time

Just remember when you give the gift, it is the thought that truly counts, because they will look at that gift and rememeber you were thinking of them.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Love Language Recieving Gifts

A gift is something you can hold and look at and realize that someone was thinking of you, that is why they gave it to you.  A true gift doesn't always have to cost money, but it needs to be something you give because you care and love for that person.  Gifts can be a card you make, wildflowers you pick, or something you saw in the store that would be just right for that person.  A person who's love language is Receiving Gifts is generally someone who is enthusiastic when gifts are given, they are also someone who remembers the gifts because it was important to them.  Also in Receiving Gifts an important part of the love language is the gift of your presence, this is where you are there for the person at times of crisis, or if they just need you there by their side through difficult times. 
What if you are a saver and have a hard time spending money?  If your spouses true love language is Receiving Gifts you need to realize your investment is in your marriage.  If that is how they get their love tank full, then you do need to spend some money and get them things that are thoughtful; or if things are tight, be creative, you can give gifts without spending money.
Remember in all this that your marriage is the most important thing, so it is worth the financial and time investment.