Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ways to FIGHT Depression

As I said yesterday, depression can be very, very brutal on your marriage and the spouse suffering through it.  Luckily  there are ways to combat it.  One of the biggest is exercise.  I know there are many people who don't like to exercise, but when you exercise and get your heart rate going, your endorphines kick in and they help to make you feel better about yourself.  Also when you exercise regularly, you feel much better about yourself because you are doing something physically good to take care of your body.  There are many choices for exercise such as; running, biking, swimming, speed walking, zumba, pilates, yoga, workout classes at a gym, kick boxing, belly dancing, there are also a lot of dvd's with more choices.  Explore an exercise, if you don't like it, then switch out, but you need to do something that elevates your heart rate.  Another way to fight depression is counseling.  Counselors can talk you through depression and if it is bad enough they can give you a prescription to help get through it.  There is nothing wrong with taking a prescription for depression, it is there to help people who can't seem to pick themselves up.  Think of it this way; go to a counselor and get a prescription if needed and save a life, or end up taking your life.  A person who commits suicide is selfish, that is what depression is, all you think about is yourself and your misery, you don't realize your family would NEVER EVER be better off without you (that is the depression talking making you think that).  Another way is stress tabs, you can buy them at any store in the vitamin section, they just give you a little extra help (I believe it has a B complex that helps with stress).  Another way is to seek family and friends support to help you fight it; have them make sure you are doing constant self-checks of how you feel and if you can't get up and get going ask them for help to do so.  Listen and watch things that are uplifting, inspirational, and even funny, laughter is so essential to feeling better about yourself.  These are just a few ideas, seek help where ever is needed and if you are going through this, TALK TO YOUR SPOUSE so they can help you.

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