Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Count Your Blessings

This past little bit in my marriage has probably been one of the hardest times we have ever had.  With the economy the way it is, we had several things that hit us really hard in about a short period of time.  It has been a time of hardship, struggle and for me a lot of tears.  As we were going through this time, one thing struck me and that was to count my blessings.  So I actually pulled out a journal and in it I put the hard things we have had happen, which consisted of about eight lines or so, then I started to list all the blessings that occured during it.  My blessings came to a page and a half.  I was surprised and startled to see so many little things that made such a difference, so many kind words from friends and family, and friends and family who were willing to do anything they could to help.  It has been a humbling time, but throughout this all Jason and I did not fight over what went wrong, or what we should have done, we clung to each other and buckled down together to get through it all.  Hard times come in all marriages and it is a matter of working through it together and seeing all the blessings along the way.

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