Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gratitude = Attitude

Make your attitude one of gratitude.  Look for the wonderful blessings you have been given.  When life shoots you down, don't be a complainer, but instead look for all the great things you have been given.  When you are having a hard day, mentally list five things that make it a great day.  For all our personal struggles, there is always something that can make it better, whether it is a smile, someone giving you a compliment, someone telling you they appreciate you, and if all else fails go grab that favorite dessert that you love (trust me chocolate does make it better, at least temporarily).  When life hands you lemons you make lemonade, so whatever is thrown at you change your attitude and find the gratitude.
On a personal note my gratitude is a husband who is amazing even when I am a beast, four children who love me so much and I love and adore them with all I have, parents and mother-in-law who are amazing to me and always make me believe in myself, my brothers and sisters who are the greatest support system and the greatest friends, and my friends who pick me up and help me see in myself my amazing qualities when I can't see them in myself.

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