Monday, March 28, 2011

Why Can't Men Just Read Our Minds?!

No, really, why can't our husbands just read our minds?  Wouldn't it just make life easier?  When I was first married, I truly belived Jason could read my mind.  I always became frustrated when he didn't take out the garbage, didn't understand when I was upset, or didn't take me on a date.  I realized that I expected things from him without asking him.  I just figured he would get the hints, or that he would just realize what needs to be done.  This is not true for men, they need full open communication so they understand you and the help you need from them.  Even 18 years into our marriage, I am still asking Jason to do this, help with this, etc.  He is much more observant now than we were first married, especially to how I feel, if I am truly frustrated or upset.  But that took time and it also required me telling him how I felt and why I felt that way.  I know that we may feel like a nag when we are asking for help in the home for the 6000th time, but husbands focus when they get home is not on the hard day you had, but on their hard day and their need to unwind.  I have found that just telling Jason what I need done and how I feel has made life a lot easier.  It also gives him the chance to say, I am tired, can we do it later or does this have to be done right now.  Mind reading would be fun but I think our husbands brain would go into overload when they realize our minds never stop.  So don't expect him to read your mind, just open up and tell him how you feel or ask for help.

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