Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Grapefruit Syndrome

Have you heard of the Grapefruit Syndrome?  If you are a member of the LDS church go to the website and look it up in the April 1993 Ensign for the whole story.  The gist of it is a woman was told if her and her husband list the little annoying habits they find in each other it won't grow into a big annoying habit further down the line.  So the woman goes ahead, one of her complaints was he ate a grapefruit like an orange.  He would peel it and eat it and it drove her crazy.  Next it was the husbands turn and what does he say, that he finds no annoying habits with his wife, that he loves everything about her. 
This is the truth of a marriage.  If we look for annoying habits or negative things, we will find them.  But if we look at our spouse and see their little habits as being them and therefore good, it will not bother us.  If we look for the good we will see the good. 
Do not let your marriage become a Grapefruit Syndrome where all you see are annoying things your spouse does.  See them for being themselves, who cares if they leave the cap of fthe toothpaste, or eat their grapefruit different, it has no consequence on the eternal spectrum of things.
Love them for who they are and embrace them for being your spouse.  See the good, tell the good and you will know the good.

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