Thursday, March 3, 2011

Group Dates

Remember when you were dating in high school and you use to always do big group dates with all of your friends.  You would be so creative and have such a great time.  Right now, hopefully your spouse is your best friend, but having another support system of great friends is helpful.  About 13 years ago we knew a couple, who knew another couple, who knew another couple, we were all bored of the same dinner/movie date so we decided to do a creative group date.  We only knew one of three couples and we didn't know what would occur from it; we were a bit nervous.  After the first date of backwards bowling and potluck dinner, we hit it off amazingly.  All of these years later our children refer to us as the 4 K's because all of the women's names started with a K.  This was a great way to get out and get to know new people.  Just remember in choosing your friends to choose someone who has your same values, someone who will pick you up when you are down, someone who believes marriage is worth all the work and effort and someone who believes that the grass IS NOT greener on the other side.  Be as creative as you were in high school with dating your spouse.  You don't need a group or creative date everytime, but they help to get you out of a monotonous routine.

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