Friday, March 25, 2011

Silence Can Be Golden

We have been talking a lot about communication skills, because honestly they are ESSENTIAL to a good relationship.  I had someone bring up that silence is golden.  That is true.  Sometimes we go over the top or say things we shouldn't and there are times when we need to just learn not to say anything.  I remember when Jason and I were first married and we would get into a discussion and I would get frustrated.  I would stop talking because I didn't want to say anything I regreted and I would go take a shower and sort out why I was mad or frustrated.  It worked really well, I generally could always figure out the source of my problem and come back to the conversation more productive.  The only frustration was Jason didn't understand why I would not say anything and eventually get up and go shower.  Once I told him why, it was very productive, that was my way to deal with frustrations and come back to the conversation more productive.  On the other hand of not saying anything, just be careful you are not storing up ammunition against them.  Silence is golden when there are not feelings to sort through.  The problem is when you are being silent to keep the peace, but inside you are really hurting and needing to sort through the problem.  Make sure you evaluate your emotions.  Silence is golden if it keeps you from being sarcastic, unkind, verbally abusive or degrading.

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