Thursday, March 24, 2011

So What's The Deal With Sarcasm

I had a person post the other day that she had learned that she couldn't be sarcastic in texting.  She would text and use some funny sarcasm, but the spouse wasn't always sure if she was happy, upset, etc.  I remember within the first year or so of Jason and I being married that my family had a discussion about sarcasm.  It came down to a theory that sarcasm is a form of anger.  I can see how that can be applicable, but I think also people use it a lot to be funny, but the receiving end doesn't always know how to take it, so the person ends up confused.  At the end of the family discussion we talked how sarcasm doesn't have any place in a marriage.  The problem with it is sometimes the spouse doesn't know you are being sarcastic, and you can really hurt them.  I can especially see it a problem in texting, because you can't see their face and don't know how they are taking it.  It is great to be funny and have each other laugh, just remember if you are being funny in a text always add lol or haha or something so they know how to take it.  As for sarcasm, just leave it out, that way there never is any confusion.  I had a really bad problem with being sarcastic when I was first married, and I used it a lot, my husband took it well, but I also saw it caused problems.  Once we had the family discussion and I decided not to use it, but just try to be witty on my own, it made life easier.  People knew how to take me and I wasn't always confusing them as to whether I was serious or not with what I said.

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T said...

I joke a lot that sarcasm is my love language... but I do try to steer clear of it (except on my blog...)

I think most of us (in all our relationships) rely a little too much on those quick little phrases - like "LOL" "no offense, but" "JK"... sometimes the very fact that we've thought it whether joking or not is telling... learning when to just stay silent is a gift.