Thursday, March 31, 2011

So If Change Is Constant How Do We Embrace It?

Yesterday I discussed the one constant in your life is change.  So if change is constant how do we embrace it?  Right now many of us are going through many challenging trials ie, loss of job, loss of income, house problems, health problems, loss of a loved one, etc.  So with these trials or changes, how can we learn and grow from it?  Each of us develops our own ways of coping with change, mine is to ponder it over a lot.  When we were faced with Jason losing his job, it was humbling, we really had to think about it, how to deal with it, where life needs to lead us and how we can turn a lemon into lemonade.  I am telling you now, almost a year later, it has been a blessing.  My husband has become a better husband and father from it.  He realized all that he had missed out on with the kids, and he was a very supportive father, but he worked late hours and had long days.  He also realized that I don't sit home eating Bon-Bons all day, that the house is a never ending battle, it can be cleaned one moment and looked destroyed the next.  But through this job lose, we realized even more what mattered to us and that was our family.  As change happens to you list the good and the bad, talk over and over the possibilites of what to do with the change and where you want your life to go.  Make sure you always hold true to your values but be open to new ideas, ie a new town to move to, a new home, a smaller home, a different job with different hours, more time with your children.  There is generally good things that come out of change it is just up to us to see it.

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