Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Talking Face to Face

A great comment was brought up after yesterday's blog and that was about talking face to face with your spouse.  The person was talking to their spouse on the phone and they started getting frustrated, so they tabled the conversation until they could talk face to face.  Once they did, it did not seem as big of a deal.  You can talk and text your spouse all you want, but there are many talks that do need to be done face to face.  This couple was smart enough to realize they were getting frustrated so they agreed to stop the conversation until they could talk face to face.  This is so you can see each other and read each other's body language, which can say a lot more than words.  For example over the phone a spouse can say "I'm okay" but sometimes if you were to see them say "I'm okay" you would know they really weren't by their body language. 
Each day after work, kids, school, etc. you should find time to talk to each other.  See how your day was, talk about your dreams and hopes for the future.  One day the kids will be out of the home and you will want a great relationship with your spouse, one thing that will help is keeping up on your communication with each other.

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