Saturday, March 19, 2011

Budget and Balance

Now that you have talked to each other openly about your finances you need to take the next step and set up a budget.  You may think that is difficult especially if the income fluxuates week to week, but I lived with that for 14 years and still made it possible.  Look over your bills write down how much is due each month and when they are due.  Next figure out your budget according to when you get your paycheck, ie once a month, every week, every other week.  Now take your bills and put them under which week is best to pay them.  If you are in a sales field it can be harder, just remember when you have a high week you put it aside for a low week.  Don't forget to set aside a little from each paycheck to cover those unknown expenses that always come up.  Once you have your budget figured out, do your best to live by it, it can be hard, but once you get use to it it gets easier.  The other item is to always balance your accounts.  Don't think you can just look up your balance online and it is okay.  You need to look over purchases and keep track of what has cleared and what hasn't.  My husband does not like to balance the accounts, so I do it, but I always keep him informed of where the bills and budget stands each week.

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