Friday, March 4, 2011

Date Night

It's Friday, do you know what that means?  Date Night.  Grab your spouse and take them on a fun date tonight (or tomorrow if unavailable tonight.)  Think out of the movie/dinner box.  Now is the time to start renewing your relationship and in order to do that you need to get out of any monotony you may have gotten yourself in.  You may say we don't have a babysitter, then find another couple with kids and take turns babysitting. Make dating your spouse once a week a priority.  Now for thinking out of the box, here are a few suggestions: get your favorite takeout and grab a blanket and go to a park or lookout to eat it, if it is too cold, eat in the car and enjoy the beautiful scenery - ice skate (holding hands is great) - grab some other couples and have a potluck dinner at your home and play your favorite games  such as scum, telestrations, bunko, etc. - go ice blocking and bring the hot chocolate - do a progressive dinner with your friends - go to a hot spring, bring goodies and just relax - For those in St. George, grab your favorite food, grab a blanket and go eat on top of the Dixie, it is beautiful - visit historical sites in your area, grab goodies and have a trivia contest afterwards, do silly details like what color was the chamber pot the upstairs bedroom, etc.- go sledding before the snow is gone.  There are many things to do, you just need to be creative.  Go, enjoy your date night, laugh with them, love them, and forgive them quickly for we all have our faults, it is up to our loved ones not to see them as a fault but as a personality enhancement.

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