Saturday, April 23, 2011

Commandment #8 for Wife

8.  Permit no one to assure thee that thou art having a hard time of it, neither thy mother nor thy sister nor thy maiden aunt nor any of the kinfolk, for the judge will not hold thee guiltless for letting another disparage thy husband.

This goes in long with the husband's commandment #8.  Disparage means: cast in a bad light, belittle, and being of little worth.  As husband and wife you support each other, you pick each other up, you look for the good and say the good.  I cannot preach this enough.  You are not to allow someone to put your husband down or tell you the things they don't like about your husband.  You are to stand up for your husband and if someone tries to disparage him, you tell them not to do that, that he is an amazing man.  We have a tendency to turn to our families or girlfriends when we are having difficult times, we need to be careful of this.  If you are unhappy with your husband over something, talk to him first.  He can never know if there is a problem if you don't talk to him about it.  If you do confide in your mother, sister, girlfriends, be careful, you can even go as far to say  "I have a friend that is having a difficult situation, do you have advice you can give me for her," or if you do mention your hsuband, do not use the blaming language, use the "I" words, ie, "I feel that...", "I am concerned about...", "I need help understanding..." The point is you don't blame him saying "You are mean, horrible, inconsiderate..." etc.  Work together, support each other, and stand up for each other.

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