Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Commandment #7 for Husband

7.  Thou shall enter into thy home with cheerfulness.

Alright you sweet husbands, we know you have had a long day at work, but you need to think about your wife who has spent the day cleaning the house and re-cleaning the house (because as soon as it is cleaned it is destroyed in 5 minutes), changing diapers, making bottles, being nurse, carpooling the kids where ever they need to go, dealing with teenagers and all their drama, it could go on and on.  You  go to work and get away from the home and what goes on there day in day out, I know work is not always glamorous, but it gets you out and you have a new perspective when you enter.  As for the mom, it is a full time job, it doesn't end when the husband comes home, it keeps going, well into the night and into the middle of the night.  Think of her perspective if you were to walk in cheerfully.  If you were to come in give her a kiss, tell the kids you missed them and then asked if she needed any help.  You could even go one step further and tell her to go sit down while you tidy up.  I have had the privelege of being a full time mom for 14 plus years, and I wouldn't trade it for anything, it is the most rewarding job, but it is the hardest job because there is not a break from it, it is hard that everytime you clean it is going to be destroyed again.  I have even gone to the lengths of calling my husband once it is clean and letting him know I did clean it today, but that it will probably be destroyed when he comes home.  Just remember a marriage is a partnership and you help each other, but by you coming home cheerfully it makes a difference, it shows you want to be home and you that you love coming home to her.

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