Monday, April 18, 2011

Commandment #6 for Husband

6.  Thou shalt co-operate with thy wife in establishing family discipline.

This is an essential rule to a marriage. With children the discipline needs to come from both of you.  You need to talk about how you were disciplined and how you expect to discipline your children.  You also need to realize that you back each other up.  The worst thing that happens, and it happens frequently in marriages, is that a spouse will discipline the child, then the child will go to the other parent stating it is unfair or leaving out a portion of the story and that parent will change the discipline.  This shows the child two thing, first that there is no consistentcy in the parents, which they need, and second that they can go to the other parent and get a lesser punishment.  This makes one parent look as the bad guy and one parent look as the good guy, this is not healthy in a relationship.  You are to support the other.  If one of you discipline a child in a way you feel is too harsh or inappropriate for the circumstances, you are to talk to each other about it and establish guidelines together that will help you both discipline appopriately for whatever circumstances may arise.  Marriage is a two way street, it takes both of you to do it and that includes discipline.  Just don't forget to show an increase of love to your child after you discipline them, because although you maybe unhappy with their choices, you never stop loving them.

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