Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Commandment #4 for Husband

4.  Thou shall hold thy wife love by same means that thy won it.

Do you remember all the dates, dances, flowers, creative times you had when you were dating your spouse?  All the things your husband did to court you he should still do now.  Being married does not mean the courtship ends, it actually means you need to kick it in higher gear.  Marriage is a constant maintenance to make it great and if you went dancing when you were engaged, you should go dancing now.  If he use to bring you flowers when you were dating, he should still do it now.  When Jason and I were dating, I would dry the flowers he gave, I didn't want to throw them away because they had fond memories attached to them.  After we were married I had an idea; I would dry the flowers he gave me and break off the stem once dried and put them in a clear vase.  On the card he gave me with them, I would write the date and why he gave them to me.  Eighteen years later I have two beautiful big clear vases of dried roses.  By me being thoughtful to the flowers he has given me it has encouraged him to continue to do so.  If you miss dancing, plan a night and go dancing, it will rejuvinate you.  If you miss the creative dates, plan one and go.  In all this, talk to your husband, if the courtship has been forgotten, remind him of it.  Let him win you over again and again.

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