Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Commandment #6 for Wife

6.  Remember that the frank approval of thy husband meaneth more to thy happiness than the side-long glances of many strangers.

This is a vital one now-a-days.  Women, the only approval that matters is your husbands.  He is the one we are to look good for and take care of ourselves for.  We do not get ready for the day and look nice in hopes that other men will notice.  We get ready for the day and look nice for our husbands to notice.  You need to remember to take care of yourself.  Remember when you were dating and you would always try to look your best, it is the same now.  The women need to remember that our husbands go to work each day and interact with woman who are well groomed and look nice, but then come home to their wife who is luckily to have brushed out her hair for the day.  I am not saying that everyday you need to look amazing, we all have our casual days, but it shouldn't be everyday.  Husbands like to come home to their wife who looks nice and has taken the time to look nice for them.  Look good for your husbands, remind them why they love to come home to you and why they feel in love with you in the first place.

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