Thursday, April 14, 2011

Commandment #4 for Wife

4.  Thous shalt not nag.

How simple that is, or at least you would think it is.  My husband use to say to me that I would have a radar go off everytime he tried to sit down.  It seemed that everytime he sat down I would then ask him do something.  This is a two way street, on the one hand I feel like I always need help and on the other hand he does need to have down time.  So we finally figured out that he asks me if I need him to do something and if not he's welcome to relax.  I also try to realize when he is overworked or overstressed and try not to ask him to do much if it has been a long day and he just needs down time.  We as woman always have things that need to be done; the house and the children is a 24/7 job.  It does take two to run a home, but both husband and wife need their down time and their helpful time.  Just because the husband works outside the home doesn't mean he doesn't work in the home.  It is a matter of balance, of both of you being helpful to the other and learning to read the other.  You need to realize when one is overly tired or stressed and help out a little extra.  Also you women out there need to remember that your husband CAN'T read your mind, so if you feel he isn't contributing, ask him for help once he has had a time to relax.  Last of all remember to use please and thank you's they go far in a marriage, it doesn't seem like nagging when one asks kindly and is appreciative of the help given.

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