Monday, April 11, 2011

Commandment #3 for Husband

3.  Think not that thy business is none of thy wife's business.

I sometimes think that when you first get married that the hardest part is the two of you are involved in everything that each other does.  What you do, where you go, who you associate with, who you talk to, this is all a part of your wife's business.  There is to be no secrets in marriage.  If there are secrets then trust cannot be there.  What you do does matter.  You may think your wife doesn't want to know, or it is boring, even if it is, you are to keep her aware of all your doings.  It is just a part of marriage sharing your day, sharing how you feel, sharing who you associated with, etc.  That way everything is always on the up and up.  But if you do something, or associate with someone you don't want to tell your wife about, then you shouldn't be doing it.  Your wife is your business so make her aware of all your business.

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