Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Commandment #10 for Husband


Husbands, do you bring things into your home you shouldn't?  Improper movies, video games with too much violence, pornography, etc?  Your home should be a sacred place on this earth where your wife and your children will always feel it to be a safe haven.  The things you bring in your home will change the spirit in your home.  If you want Heavenly Father's spirit in your home, you can not bring things in there that will chase it away.  A good example is of a friend of mine, who's husband brought home a very scary rated R movie.  The wife felt right off that he should not watch it or have it in the home.  The husband said it would be okay.  After 5 minutes of watching it, he shut it off, he could feel the bad spirit the movie brought and the unease it left in him watching it.  He was intuned enough to what was good to realize the movie would only bring a feeling of unease in his sacred home.  Be thoughtful of what you bring in and your example.  Fathers/Husbands, you are constantly watched and lbeing ooked up to, so be an example for good and allow all to enter your home to feel that good.

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