Saturday, April 2, 2011

Be Thou An Example

We tell our children all the time of things we want them to do that is right, but far greater is the example that we set.  They watch us and follow closely what we do, our examples speak louder than words.  It is the same for your spouse.  If you want a spouse more complimentary, be more complimentary.  If you want a spouse more helpful, you be more helpful.  If you want a spouse who speaks kinder, you speak kinder.  The example you set to your spouse will speak louder than your words.  Uplifting, kind and loving words are essential to a relationship, but so are kind deeds, helpful hands and a willing heart.  Be to your spouse what you want them to be to you.  If you are having problems with a spouse being negative to you, do not be negative back.  Seek to find the good and say the good.  Look for ways to uplift them and help them to love themselves.  When your spouse is doing something that is not uplifting or good it is not appropriate to belittle them, yell at them, or deamean them.  You need to love them and seek for ways to help them see in themselves the good you see in them.  Be the example you desire your spouse to be, it is hard to be upset at someone who is loving you back.

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