Thursday, June 2, 2011

Keys to Fairness in Marriage #3

3.  Be sensitive to your spouse's needs and recognize they are probably different from yours.

Let's face it, men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  We are both very different, but that is what makes us so great.  I know men love women because they are soft, beautiful, nuturers, kind, sensitive, loving, compassionate, thoughtful, etc. and women love men because they are strong, courageous, determined, affectionate, loving, etc.  We are beautifully different, that is what makes us so great together.  So men do not think your wife's needs are the same as yours, they are not.  It is for you to learn what they are and help bring out the amazing woman your wife is.  Wife's your husbands needs are definitley not the same as yours, realize what your husband needs and help him be the wonderful man he is.  As you look to see to each other's needs and are sensitive and helpful to each other, your relationship will grow stronger and stronger because you are taking out the "Me factor" and making it a "We factor."

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