Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are You a Words of Affirmation Person?

With the advice given on Words of Affirmation, how do you know if you or your spouse is a person that thrives off of kind words, cards, poems, etc.?  You need to evaluate your spouse and yourself.  Ask yourself and your spouse these questions:

-Do you like it when your spouse tell you you look good, or would you rather snuggle with them?
-Do you love it when your spouse leaves a love note, or would you rather a sweet gift from them?
-Do supportive comments from your spouse make you feel good, or would you rather hang out with them no matter what they are doing?
-Do you thrive off of your spouses compliments of you, or would you rather have them help out with a chore you do not like doing?
Do you like it when your spouse is appreciative of you, or would you rather sit and listen to your spouse as they tell you of their accomplishments and dreams?

When your spouse does something for you that makes you feel great, think about it, is it from a compliment, a hug, a gift, spending time with you, or with them helping you out?  Start writing down the things your spouse does that makes you happy, it will help you to understand your love language.  If you are stuck on your spouses love language, sit and talk to them and see if the two of you can figue it out by going over the love languages as I give them out over the next little while.

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