Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to Quality Time

So if you or your spouse are a Quality Time person, here are some suggestions:

-Sit down and talk to your spouse each night, that means tv off, and talk about your day, desires, hopes, etc
-Take a vacation with your spouse, just you and them enjoying one on one time
-When you go out to dinner, pick a place that has a nice atmosphere, a place that isn't so noisy so you can talk to each other
-Take a walk down memory lane and go to where your spouse grew up and find out about their childhood
-Go bike riding together, or running together, or swimming together
-Sit and watch your spouses favorite sport or tv show with them, even though it may not be your favorite thing to watch, it's about doing things together; you both give a little
-If you can't take a vacation together, get away for a weekend
-Grab your laptop and watch a movie on the trampoline with some popcorn
-Just get out and enjoy some one on one time

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