Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tubing Rapid Run of Reality

A few days ago my husband and some friends of ours went tubing down a little river by where we live.  This little river is running pretty fast due to flood season and it has changed since I was in it last year due to a big flood that hit us a few months ago.  As we were tubing down the river we had trees and twigs all over in it.  We had places that were so litered with debris that we couldn't see the path to take until right before we came to it and then we had to paddle like crazy to get to it.  We all hooked ourselves together holding onto each other as we went down the river which was so fun, but at times when the debris suddenly came upon us we had a choice to hold on or to let go and abandon the group and save ourselves.  It was interesting and funny to watch.  At times I would let go to save myself, at times one of my friends would let go to save herself.  But my husband never let go of the group of tubes, he always clung steadfast and strong and helped to keep the group going where it should and if they got stuck, he was there to help them all out.  We had a lot of laughs as we tubed down the river, but it made me realize it was like marriage. 
When the hard times hit you, the rapids or debris do you cling steadfast and strong to your spouse or do you abandon them and save yourselves?  When life throws things your way, who do you hold to?  I hope your relationship is one where you hold steadfast to each other, it takes the two of you to get you through the really hard times.  It is the really hard times that test the strength of your marriage, ie financial hardships, moving, new job, school, kids, even uncertainty for your future can be a strain on your marriage.  So when the rapids and debris hit you make sure you are clinging to each other, do not abandon them for what you feel is the better way, it is by clinging to each other that you can survive anything.

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