Friday, June 3, 2011

Keys to Fairness in Marriage #4

4.  Learn to speak each other's "language of love."

You need to understand that each of us have different ways that we want to be loved.  There are different ways we can be shown love by our spouses this could be; hugs, kisses, doing kind deeds, helping in the home, praising them, buying them chocolates, spending time with them, etc.  You need to understand what your spouse likes and what love language they respond best to.  Does your spouse want at hug when they come home, do they want to sit and talk to you, do they want you to help in the home?  What way is it that they feel the love from you?  What does your spouse respond the best to?  How does your spouse truly feel love from you, if you are not sure, ask them, sit and talk to them and learn to understand them.  Once you learn their language of love (which we will go over more in the future)  it will help you grow closer to them.

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