Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Dr.'s Advice on TV about Pornography

I just had to post this here because what I saw on The Dr.'s last week infuriated me.  I don't watch tv very often, but I was at the gym and had time to kill, so I started watching. They were talking about intimacy and how men are with it, so I was curious.  I couldn't believe it when a woman caller asked them if it was okay for her boyfriend to have a thousand pictures of nude women on his laptop.  They all agreed and told her it was perfectly okay for him to look at pornography because it gets him ready for her.  They said the only time it is a problem is when they are spending the family fortune to maintain the habit. 
First of all, how is having a thousand pictures of nude woman not a problem.  That is downloading one picture a day for three years, that's a problem.  Second, you bring any therapist on that show and they will tell you the damage pornography does in a realtionship.  Bring couples on who have had problems with pornography and they will tell you the damage.  Bring doctors on that will show you a brain scan of someone into pornography and how it shows them desensitized and made them more and more emotionless.  All I can say is pornography is not acceptable in a relationship, it hinders and does great damage to it.  Do not allow the ways of the world to tell you it is ok, it is not.  If you or your spouse are having problems with it, seek professional help, put your initmacy back on track and back on being just between you and your spouse, not you, your spouse, and your computer, because that after all is an affair.

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