Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Love Language Acts of Service

First of all, sorry to all of you who take the time to read this, I have been letting life get away from me and I am sorry.  I appreciate all of those who take the time to read this.

Back to the love language Acts of Service.  This love language is exactly how it sounds, you do acts of service for the other person.  If your spouses love language is acts of service then they will appreicate when you do the dishes, mow the lawn, vaccuum the house, pick up the dry cleaning etc.  This is the love language where what you do matters.  Many may think that it doesn't really matter if you do the dishes.  But if your spouses primary love lanugage is acts of service, it means the world to them.  My secondary love language is acts of service and I can tell you that when my husband helps out in the home it means so much to me and helps me to be a happier person.  Remember even small acts of service help out, like remembering to take the garbage to the curb, changing the babies diaper, wiping clean the childrens faces, etc. If you are not sure what types of service mean the most to your spouse, ask them.  What could it hurt you if it meant a lot to your spouse to make the bed everyday?  You would be doing something they really appreciate.  By doing your acts of service you help bring joy and love into your marriage.  Remember the Savior showed us the great love of service when he washed his disciples feet, he did it out of love for him.  If your spouses love language is service, then you find out what services they love to have done and you do it out of love for them.  Remember this may take work, you may have to write a list of a service you could do each day of the week, your spouse will appreicate your effort and the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

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