Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How To: Acts of Service

If your spouse is an Acts of Service Love Language person, here are some suggestions:

-Find out what chore your spouse likes doing the least and commit to do that one chore so they don't have to do it
-Make a list of the requests your spouse has asked you to do, write them down, then pick one out per week to work on
-When you do an act of service for your spouse, like cleaning the bathroom, leave a note on the mirror expressing your love for them
-Make notes that state "today I will show my love to you by..." and fill it out, do the service and give to them
-When your spouse is away, do something special for them, paint a bedroom they have always wanted painted, put up new curtains, have the carpets cleaned, etc so when they come home they get an extra special surprise
-Don't view what your spouse asks you to do as a nag, but as a tag. They tagged you and they just need it done, so do it with a willing heart
-Do some big acts of service, like washing the car, cooking a meal, mowing the lawn and leave a sign:  To my Honey, Love your (spouse)
-Ask your spouse things you can do daily to help out, the little things mean a lot

Here are some ideas to help you get going if your spouses love language is Acts of Service

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