Monday, July 11, 2011

Love Language Recieving Gifts

A gift is something you can hold and look at and realize that someone was thinking of you, that is why they gave it to you.  A true gift doesn't always have to cost money, but it needs to be something you give because you care and love for that person.  Gifts can be a card you make, wildflowers you pick, or something you saw in the store that would be just right for that person.  A person who's love language is Receiving Gifts is generally someone who is enthusiastic when gifts are given, they are also someone who remembers the gifts because it was important to them.  Also in Receiving Gifts an important part of the love language is the gift of your presence, this is where you are there for the person at times of crisis, or if they just need you there by their side through difficult times. 
What if you are a saver and have a hard time spending money?  If your spouses true love language is Receiving Gifts you need to realize your investment is in your marriage.  If that is how they get their love tank full, then you do need to spend some money and get them things that are thoughtful; or if things are tight, be creative, you can give gifts without spending money.
Remember in all this that your marriage is the most important thing, so it is worth the financial and time investment. 

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