Thursday, July 14, 2011

How To: Receiving Gifts

Here are some suggestions for you if your spouse's love language is Receiving Gifts:

-Give your spouse a gift in the morning, ie, their favorite candy, send them a gift in the afternoon, ie, balloons or flowers, and bring them a gift home in the evening, ie, a favorite shirt or book
-Give them one gift a day for a week
-When you are out walking around, look around you, do you see a beautiful flower you could bring home for your spouse, or do you see a great walking stick they may enjoy
-Make a handmade gift for your spouse.  What if you feel you are not good at making anything?  Then take a class on how to make something your spouse would enjoy, they will treasure the gift for a long time because you made it
-Keep a notebook or on your cell phone make a list of gift ideas.  Everytime your spouse says "I would like that", write it down, then you will always have ideas of things they like
-If you still don't have ideas what to get your spouse, ask a friend or a family member who knows them well
-Offer the gift of self, tell them you will be there for an event they have that month.  Even if it is not something you will enjoy, enjoy it because you are giving them the gift of self and it fills their love tank
-Give them a book and read it yourself so you have something you can discuss together.  You can even rotate books on topics of things you are both interested in
-Give to your spouse's favorite charity in honor of them and ask the charity to send a card informing your spouse of what you have done
-Give a living gift, ie, a tree or flowering shrub.  Go help your spouse plant it, it will be a gift that last a long time

Just remember when you give the gift, it is the thought that truly counts, because they will look at that gift and rememeber you were thinking of them.

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